Never, ever had a better massage. Stacey has the right amount of sensitivity and intuition. I truly feel recovery happens best under her care. Thank you Stacey.
Debbie Daniele
New Hampshire
After 12 long years trying to find that perfect barn that you always dream of, I finally found it! Stacey runs the best barn I have ever seen. She cares for the horses more than most owners do and goes out of her way every day to make sure boarders and their horses are happy. Not many barns allow you to turn your horse out for extended periods of time but Stacey keeps the horses out longer and it makes such a difference. My horse is so happy to be out and should he come in because it is raining, he can enjoy his run ins so he isn’t cooped up in his stall. The paddocks are always clean and picked which makes for happier, healthy horses and no flies around the property. The ring is always in perfect shape and the other boarders couldn’t be nicer. Stacey and Joe run the best barn you could ever imagine and you would be crazy not to check this place out. And what better place on earth than to ride and get a massage for you and your horse after?! A dream come true! This place reflects the barn name and is definitely Heaven for Horses (and owners alike).
Emily Heidt
Newmarket, NH
Hi Stacey, Just a note to say thanks. Last night was the first time I laid down to sleep without a little whimper because of my ribs.
Matthew Mcneeley
Nottingham, NH
Stacey Gallant is a regular participant in my horse’s fitness and conditioning program. Being an event horse, he has a demanding workload and travel schedule. She plays an integral role in his health and soundness throughout the competition season. Not only is her work spectacular, but my horse thoroughly enjoys Stacey and looks forward to her visits. She is the only masseuse I would have work on my horse as her results are immediate and tangible. Besides her skills, it is evident that Stacey loves horses and her work. Her knowledge sharing is always an educational experience and her enthusiasm for what she does is infectious.
Leslie Reilly and Rip
Love, love, love Stacey! She massages both my horse and me. She has helped us both more than words can express. Stacey is super talented and knowledgeable in her field. Best wishes and much success in your new venture!
Donna Poyant
Donna Poyant, Leveland Farm, MA
Stacey is not only an experienced horse person, but a gifted and talented therapist that I would highly recommend. She is a multi-talented and has always impressed me with her work ethic, dedication and her trustworthy nature.
Jillian Bither
Jillian Bither, Riverside Stables, Milton, MA
I owned a horse when I was much younger and recently got him back ,although I seemed to have forgotten every thing important about owning one! I don’t know what I would have done with out Stacey’s help. She showed me how to wrap, taught me about nutrition, blanketing etc. I think I called her every day in the beginning with questions and without hesitation she was more than happy to help me out. She treats every horse like they are her own and has a true knowledge of all parts of owning and caring for a horse. When the time comes I would LOVE to retire my horse at her new barn as I know he would be in great hands and I definitely would never worry about him! Stacey will be missed greatly at our barn but we all wish her the best!!!
Kate Kelman
Kate Kelman, Boston, MA
Stacey; I currently board our horses at the same barn. She is very knowledgeable & definitely one of the most experienced horse people I’ve ever met. If I have a question I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Stacey because of the miraculous amount of horse knowledge & experience which she holds. Any horse she is responsible for will be extremely well cared for as though it were her own. I would 100% entrust my horse, Beau, in her hands without any worry. I would definitely recommend Stacey’s barn for your horse!
Cameron Murthy
Cameron Murthy, Dedham, MA
I had never received a professional massage, until this morning, and my goodness, what made me wait so long??? Smooth Transitions was recommended to me by my riding instructor, who is a client–as are her horses. That’s right, Smooth Transitions is both a human and equine practice, and if you’re an equestrian, you just hit the motherload, the jackpot, the Mega Millions. The owner, Stacey, is an equestrian herself, and no one understands how a rider’s body works like another rider. Even if you don’t ride, though, you will still get a PHENOMENAL session with a very lovely and darling masseuse. Biomechanics are very important in riding. A misalignment in your hips or shoulders can block the movement and flow of energy; I’ve known for a while that my hips were out of whack, and that my shoulders hold tension, but until today, I had NO IDEA just how bad it was and how much it was effecting my riding. My right hip has rotated internally, causing the entire right side of my spine to be very tight and tense; hamstrings and quads are equally tight on both sides. In one session, however, I can already feel some of the tension released; the back pain I was experiencing in the middle of my back is gone; and my awareness of how I sleep, sit, and just move in general has been further awakened by my massage. I’m glad now that I waited so long for my first massage and went to Stacey. Finding someone who understands and KNOWS the rigors of riding and how it really does take a toll on your body is an important factor. But remember, any athlete can benefit from massage, and I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Smooth Transitions as the place to go!
Kristin Smart
Kristin Smart, Hanover, MA
Hi, Stacey! Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for working on Dylan today. When I lunged him afterward, he moved so beautifully, freer than I’ve ever seen him move, seemed like he didn’t hurt as much. I think he really enjoyed his session. Looking forward to his next session!
Lauri Ridner
Lauri Ridner, Dreamfield Farm, Marshfield, MA
Hi Stacey- Glad you got your certification in Equine massage. I hope you enjoyed Bancroft. All the best.
Patti Wisialko
Patti Wisialko
My horse, Nite, suffered a right hind suspensory injury this past summer. Because of this, he was putting more weight and pressure on his left front leg which caused him to be sore up front and slightly off. Stacey came out every two weeks to massage him and to keep those muscles from getting worse. Nite’s suspensory has since healed and he’s back in full work. Stacey still comes out once a month and I see tremendous results after each massage. She’s a miracle worker with magic hands. Not only is she a fabulous massage therapist with an extenstive knowledge of anatomoy, she is also an experienced horsewoman in the truest sense of the word.
Cheryl Nite
Cheryl Nite, Leveland Farm, MA


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